Directionless Enzo and Cass need help

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In a WWE era where fans are more discerning than ever in their choice of who to get behind, it is nothing short of impressive to have auditoriums full of people chanting your catchphrases in unison, or even to get cheers when the first bar of your entrance music hits. If, in 10 years time, the New Era is going to be looked back on as fondly as the Attitude Era is today, then anybody complaining about how stale 2026’s roster is will hark back to the good old days as Enzo and Cass.

Indeed, the charismatic Jersey boys are a huge part of the WWE’s current popularity, but your author wonders if a catchy cavalcade of catchphrases is going to sustain them for much longer. For, as much as they might remind us of the New Age Outlaws (their Attitude Era ancestors), one wonders how well even the Road Dogg and Billy Gunn might have fared in the New Era.

In spite of the popularity of the New Age Outlaws, can anybody reading actually recall a single classic match that they were ever involved in? Everyone remembers the shenanigans, the shouting and the comedy value, but like with most matches in the Attitude Era, we seldom saw anything truly remarkable in the ring from them, or even an unforgettable feud.

Enzo and Cass are being let down in much the same way, they run the very real risk of growing stale. The more discerning fans these days are demanding; they won’t get behind a match solely because the wrestlers are funny to listen to anymore than they’ll get behind a great match between two personalities who are either inherently dull, or having had their feud built particularly competently.

They’re formidable on promos, they’re solid wrestlers, but they’ve been so directionless and repetitive that you have to be reminded every week on Raw that there’s a feud going on. Directionless is precisely how to describe the career of Enzo and Cass right now. They put in an appearance every week on Raw, always unexpectedly. The only thing we wonder about Enzo and Cass is not where creative is going to take them, but which harsh exchange of words they’re going to randomly crowbar themselves into each week.

They squabbled with The Shining Stars for no clear reason, with a couple of screwy finishes that looked like they might turn into something worthwhile, before returning to a meaningless feud with Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens. Since Owens is well and truly at the top of the card right now, and Big Cass (and certainly Enzo Amore) are highly unlikely to be getting a shot at that gold anytime soon, it’s hard to know when the pair are going to be put in a program that lasts.

With The New Day and The Club having feuded long enough to give the “Old Day” comedy skit some sort of prophetic quality, it’s baffling as to why Enzo and Cass aren’t yet in that league. It had better come soon, though, because the pair can only poke their head around random doors every week before fans start to dread seeing them.

Directionless Enzo and Cass need help

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