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Despite history, Cesaro-Sheamus feud has potential

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

Cesaro was critical of his spot in the WWE Draft. Not only did he go later than expected, but also to the wrong show.

Many assumed the “Swiss Superman” would end up on SmackDown. Cesaro himself noted that it would have been better.

The Tuesday show has more of an emphasis on in-ring work. SmackDown would also have given Cesaro an opportunity at a main event push.

He could have easily been in last week’s No. 1 contender match for the WWE Championship. Given that Dolph Ziggler was going nowhere before his victory, Cesaro’s chances of winning would have been great.

Instead, he’s on Raw where he’ll likely be lost in the shuffle. It won’t help that he’s now building a feud with Sheamus.

This can’t be something that the “Cesaro Section” is looking forward to. Sheamus has had no momentum since losing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in December.

The League of Nations faction was a total flop. After the group’s disbanding, Sheamus was used to elevate Apollo Crews and put over Zack Ryder during his U.S. Championship match build up. Keep in mind, this is someone who was the company’s top champion just a few months prior. Yet the Dubliner hasn’t been involved in a feud of interest since.

But that doesn’t mean the current angle is doomed. In fact, Cesaro and Sheamus could provide the perfect complement for one another.

Let’s look back to Monday’s segment. Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley acknowledged Cesaro’s criticism of his draft spot. At least there’s some continuity and room for him to prove his value.

Then Sheamus entered the picture.

As much as many of us wanted to roll our eyes, there was actually a storyline of both feeling underwhelmed at their current positions on Raw. Cesaro and Sheamus then put on an entertaining match which was followed by a post-match brawl.

And just like that, this feud has hope. It’s not another Sheamus feud where he’s fighting a random Superstar for no reason. Instead, the angle has an intriguing buildup and potential to keep interest. Plus, Sheamus is a former champion, so he brings legitimacy to the feud despite his recent lack of success.

Their in-ring chemistry should provide a good match as well. Cesaro is capable of having a great match with anyone, while Sheamus’ stiff style can make a bout look brutal. The two should be able to put on an entertaining match at SummerSlam and build the feud properly in the next few weeks.

However, the stacked SummerSlam card could work against the angle. By comparison, the feud won’t match up to the WWE World Heavyweight, Universal or Women’s Championship matches. It likely won’t live up to the AJ Styles-John Cena match either.

Still, that doesn’t mean the angle is a lost cause. Cesaro vs. Sheamus should add to the impressive SummerSlam lineup and exceed expectations.

The “Swiss Superman: is likely to come out of the feud as the victor, which will make his fans happy. Perhaps it can build to an upcoming main event angle, but we’ll have to wait and see.

For now, let’s hope that the feud will continue to show promise and keep interest through SummerSlam.

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