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Demon King persona rounds out Bálor as WWE’s next big star

Finn Balor
(Courtesy of WWE.com)

It was a bittersweet moment this week on Monday Night Raw, when Finn Bálor debuted his signature Demon King persona to send his upcoming WWE Universal Championship match against Seth Rollins into SummerSlam with as much hype as possible.

For many, it was a questionable decision, since seeing Bálor in his bodypaint for the first time on the main roster has been the selling point of this whole rivalry. Giving it away for free seemed like an unnecessary waste of what could have been classed as a SummerSlam moment for the ages.

In fact, the chances of seeing Seth Rollins come out with his hand raised seem all the more likely now, considering Finn Bálor won’t be coasting off the inertia of the WWE Universe after debuting his Demon King alter ego, since they’ll have had almost a whole week to gather themselves and settle in without any huge surprises swaying the flow of the match.

From a character standpoint as well, there’s no doubt that Bálor would fare much better if Rollins didn’t have a week to prepare for the demon, which he’s now been introduced to first-hand. You can really understand the frustrations associated with the early reveal, especially with just six days left until the biggest event of the summer for the WWE.

That being said, however, there is one great thing to take away from Finn Bálor debuting the Demon King for the world to see, even if it was done too soon. When Bálor got signed to a contract back in 2014, several new outlets and fan communities were buzzing about how Prince Devitt, as he was known as at the time, was on his way to the biggest wrestling promotion on the globe.

He was widely regarded as arguably the single best wrestler in the industry today, and his time in WWE to date has done a lot to build upon that legacy. But in-ring ability only goes so far in the WWE, you need to have an edge to your character that sets you apart from the rest of the pack, and can act as a catalyst for your future success. The Demon King is that edge.

He had the talent, the heart, the legacy and the ability to bring the crowd to their feet every time he set foot in the ring, but this week was perhaps the start of Finn Bálor’s evolution.

There has always been the chance that Finn was going to be a future main event player, but it was all down to the company’s handling of the moment that the demon got introduced to the main audience. And the crowd reaction to finally seeing the Demon King, the final piece of the puzzle that will make Bálor one of the biggest stars in the WWE, was exactly what it needed to be.

The introduction of the persona went down perfectly with the fans in attendance, and now we know that Finn Bálor vs. Seth Rollins is going to be a really special match, not just because of the action inside the ropes, but because it will feature some really interesting psychology.

With his talent in the ring, his charisma and now the fact that his character has a huge edge against the other members of the roster in the Demon King, Bálor is primed and ready to take over.

Even if he doesn’t walk away with the championship on Sunday, the grandeur and elegance of his performance should be more than enough to cement him as a permanent fixture in the main event for the next few months. Now that his character has been fully rounded out, the sky is the limit. No matter what the future holds, you just know that whatever Finn Bálor presents us with from now on is going to be just too sweet.

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