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Dana Brooke vs. Charlotte: The feud nobody wants


WWE once again teased a future angle between allies Dana Brooke and Charlotte on Monday Night Raw. The former Women’s Champion accidentally slapped her protegé, which caused Brooke to lose her match against Sasha Banks.

While nothing is certain, it’s yet another miscommunication by the heel duo that will likely lead to a huge blowout. Here’s how many expect it to play out: Charlotte attacks her lacky and Brooke turns babyface in the process.

Hooray? No, not hooray. In fact, is anyone looking forward to this feud?

Character wise, both Charlotte and Brooke work better as heels. Obviously, the former champion would continue in that role while her sidekick would suddenly turn.

Why should the WWE audience suddenly have sympathy for Brooke’s character? It would make sense if her stooge actions were justified.

“I was just doing heel things to get on the main roster, here’s my new sad backstory.” Otherwise turning Brooke babyface makes absolutely no sense.

There were rumors that WWE saw the former bodybuilder as a potential “female Roman Reigns.” If so, it’s fitting that the company could be taking a similar approach to Reigns in forcing her as a babyface.

So WWE’s answer to Brooke not connecting with the main roster audience is to push her as a face? What for?

Let’s imagine that this rumor is true and WWE goes through with this plan. Is there anything good that can come out of this?

It’s obvious that it’s purpose is to keep Charlotte’s heel character fresh while Banks feuds with Nia Jax for the Women’s Championship after SummerSlam. Seriously, Michael Cole even hinted at that feud.

But this is the wrong way to go about it. It’s apparent that Brooke was rushed out of NXT too soon. She was just coming into her role as a heel in the developmental brand. Her character felt organic and she was improving in the ring.

But her main roster run has been a letdown thus far. Brooke’s character seems forced and her inexperience is magnified on live TV.

Plus, the two have no chemistry together. Charlotte worked better alongside Jericho for 20 minutes last week than she’s worked with Brooke for the past three months.

Again, that’s what happens when you rush people through developmental. Brooke has never played a babyface character during her limited time in pro wrestling, so why would anyone expect it to work on the main roster?

Her best attribute is gaining heat. She can’t do that in Charlotte’s shadow, so yes, splitting them up makes sense, but not if she’s going to turn babyface.

Instead, let’s offer an alternative to ease everyone’s minds. Do you know who would be the perfect rival for Charlotte? Someone the total opposite of Brooke.

Someone who is over as a babyface and has both experience and in-ring chemistry with the former champion. Oddly enough, that same person has been the most deserving of a call-up since Charlotte, Banks and Becky Lynch, yet has been overlooked for several others.

Perhaps WWE isn’t going to pull the trigger on a Brooke-Charlotte feud just yet. Instead, it could use the opportunity of a Charlotte loss to finally call-up Bayley full-time.

Let’s not forget that she helped Banks defeat both of them, which earned the Boss a title shot in the first place. That would be an entertaining feud, rather than fitting a square peg into a round hole.

That too is a very realistic option. WWE has been catering to its fan base lately, so it’s not out of the realm of New Era booking. But the Brooke-Charlotte feud, however, seems like a total disaster, at least for right now.

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