Our love-hate relationship with Jeri-KO

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Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens are one of the most entertaining acts in WWE today.

Both Jericho and Owens play the snarky character so well that it feels like they’ve been together for years. The duo has outstanding chemistry and plays naturally off each other. But even though Jeri-Ko (or Team Chris and Kevin, or Team Kevin and Chris) is great, shouldn’t we expect more out of both Superstars?

That has nothing to do with how they’ve worked within their angle. Again, they’ve been outstanding and it would be foolish not to continue their pairing. But should they both realistically be doing something else?

Owens is in his first run as Universal Champion. The belt is so new that he is already the longest-reigning champ at just 38 days and counting. Not only does Owens need to establish himself as a world champion, but the title needs to be established as well. Sure, Owens defended it at Clash of Champions against Seth Rollins, but even that angle took a backseat to Jeri-KO.

Meanwhile, Jericho is spending most of his time as the potentially jealous BFF of the champion. Keep in mind, that “potentially jealous” part is crucial. Surely, Jericho’s ego will force him to turn on his “best friend” and challenge for the belt.

That was something the two possibly foreshadowed in their promo this week. Jericho said “it’s not like I’m challenging for your title” before staring at it. Perhaps that’s where we’re going with the Jeri-KO angle, which would be magnificient.

As great as Owens and Jericho are together, they’d be equally awesome in a feud. Think about how snarky both of them could get. The only problem is that they’ve both been working heel too well to justify any face turn.

Jericho is arguably the most entertaining he’s been at any point of his Hall of Fame career. Owens has been one of WWE’s top heels since debuting on Raw, which was solidified further with his title win. But as interesting as that would be, Jericho’s current role is to get new talent over. That’s why the Jeri-KO angle would be argued as something he doesn’t need to do.

Owens doesn’t need a rub from Jericho as much as Sami Zayn, Neville or another former NXT star would. At least then you could develop a new babyface star.

Then again, why is Jericho obligated to putting over new talent? Sure, his legacy is set regardless of how many losses he takes, so he’s the perfect choice for that role. But doesn’t he deserve another world title run before ending his current run with the company? Jericho has been outstanding in his current gimmick and would actually present a believable challenge. Unlike many other Attitude Era legends, Y2J has been wrestling full-time since January. So why not reward him with another run as champion?

That’s another argument against the Jeri-KO alliance, at least long-term.

Let’s make it perfectly clear: We love the pairing of Jericho and Owens and think it’s something WWE should continue. But there are reasons why we could see the company changing those plans soon.

It’s kind of like having Y2AJ as a team for about five minutes. Sure, Jericho and Styles made a great team, but were even better in a feud. That could be WWE’s long-term plans for Y2J and Owens, but we’ll have to see how it pans out.

Our love-hate relationship with Jeri-KO

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