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Column: Trading Cesaro to SmackDown would benefit all

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

Cesaro made it clear that he’d prefer to be on SmackDown during the WWE Draft.

Whether his rant is in kayfabe or WWE allowing Cesaro to air his frustrations, he does make a valid point. The “Swiss Superman” would be a better fit on SmackDown.

SmackDown is a more wrestle-centric show by comparison to Raw. There aren’t 20-minute Stephanie McMahon promos or an emphasis on possible tension between the GM and commissioner.

Plus, the WWE World Championship is wide open for the taking. Think about it, Dolph Ziggler will challenge for the title at SummerSlam, the company’s second biggest show of the year.

The same Ziggler who jokingly said, “No Mom, I lost again, but I tried really hard” just a few weeks prior as a rib on his booking from the past two years. That could easily be Cesaro right now, but instead he’s on Raw working an angle with Sheamus.

Even SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan made reference to it during his appearance alongside Raw GM Mick Foley on Monday. When Rusev and Cesaro interrupted the promo, Bryan said he thought Cesaro was being “completely underutilized” on Raw, which received a huge reaction from the crowd.

The segment ended with Cesaro facing Rusev for the United States Championship in Raw’s main event, so at least there’s a silver lining. But still, it does seem like even WWE realizes the “Swiss Superman’s” potential is greater on the blue brand.

Did Monday’s segment hint at Cesaro making a move to SmackDown in the future? We can hope so for several reasons.

Why the move is good for Cesaro

Obviously, if you’re a Cesaro fan, you’d like to see him on a brand where he can compete for a world title. SmackDown provides a much greater opportunity than Raw.

Even though Finn Bálor became the No. 1 contender for the Universal Championship during his first appearance, he was still selected fifth overall. Bálor was already high on Raw’s totem pole even before working a match on the main roster.

SmackDown, on the other hand, could use some star power beyond John Cena, AJ Styles, Randy Orton and WWE Champion Dean Ambrose. Granted, those names are impressive, there isn’t much as depth otherwise.

If SmackDown puts Cena or Orton in a feud with Styles, there isn’t much for Ambrose to work with. Plus, Ambrose’s run with the WWE title could be coming to an end soon. “The Lunatic Fringe” is a babyface, which is usually more entertaining to watch chasing the title than holding it. Plus, he’s already had it for a few months, so his reign has been legitimized.

The Universal Champion, however, will need to establish the new title. Either Rollins or Bálor will have to hold the belt for at least a few months, which means no one will likely take it until Survivor Series at the earliest.

Why the move is good for fans

This move would be entertaining for WWE fans, not just members of the Cesaro Section. Having transactions between shows actually gives the GMs a legitimate role. It makes WWE feel like a real sport, which is great considering it now has official coverage on ESPN.com.

WWE can have “blockbuster trades” between Raw and SmackDown. Since Bryan values Cesaro so much, he would likely give up several pieces of his roster.

Cesaro’s character wouldn’t just benefit from a brand switch, rather the entire dynamic of WWE programming would improve. Hopefully, this will be an angle that continues to develop, rather than just goes forgotten in a few weeks.

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