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Club-Enzo and Cass feud holds key to Raw’s tag team future

(Courtesy of WWE.com)

The New Day’s year-plus run with the Raw Tag Team Championship (which were the company’s titles before the draft this summer) should be look at amongst historical context as a true accomplishment. Their popularity rivals any main eventer in the company, and they are, almost solely, responsible for spearheading WWE’s tag team division’s return to relevancy. The only thing their run has missed, however, is a true rival.

New Day’s feud with Gallows and Anderson was watered down to a simple comedy routine highlighted by allusions to male testicles. Their brief feud with The Wyatt Family climaxed with a via satellite brawl at the Wyatt Compound (a rug would have totally brought that compound together, by the way) that looked like “Righteous Kill” to Matt and Jeff Hardy’s “Goodfellas,” a clear swing-and-miss response to TNA’s Final Deletion. Lastly, they are apparently involved in a program with the odd couple of Cesaro and Sheamus, a union that is going over like a fart in church with some of the fans.

Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and Big E have undoubtedly been a delight each and every time they have been on screen. However, there are titles that need to make a return to prominence.

Enter Enzo Amore & Big Cass and Gallows & Anderson.

To steal a phrase from Enzo, Gallows & Anderson “got down to brass tacks” on Monday Night as they attacked the “Certifed Gs” from behind during one of their epic monologues. The heat generated from the live Monday Night Raw crowd almost reached Royal-Rumble Roman Reigns levels as the beloved tag team was eviscerated by The Club members. Said heat hopefully stoked the attention of WWE creative, as a feud involving Enzo Amore, Big Cass, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson not only has dollar signs written all over it, but it will bring both the Raw Tag Team Championship (once added) and Gallows & Anderson back to the prominent stage where they belong.

Regardless of who is current wearing the tag belts on Raw, Enzo & Cass are the stars of Raw’s tag team division. As great as the match quality has been lately, there is probably a large chunk of the audience who would prefer listening to Enzo on a microphone for three hours than watch actual wrestling matches. He is the “voice that gives you no choice” but to love Enzo & Cass.

If you are not a diehard fan of wrestling to the point that you have paid attention to Ring of Honor and NJPW the past few years, you hate Gallows & Anderson. They are obnoxious bullies. Their entire existence roots in crushing dreams. They are the antithesis of Enzo & Cass, making them the perfect adversaries for WWE’s hottest tag team. They are the darkness shading the light illuminated within the soul of a WWE audience the second Enzo picks up a mic. Their attack on Monday night proved the kind of heat they can generate from a WWE audience (their comedy feud with New Day did not really help them be seen as credible heels), and this heat needs to transition into a slow burn that defines the careers of both teams.

Where does this leave The New Day? The New Day does not need tag team gold to be as hot as they have been. They are consistently hilarious, cultivating a perfect storm of cheesiness, funk and video game geek nerd-dom. This is a show that no other act in professional wrestling can duplicate.  However, they are meant to strictly entertain, not to feud. The “Power of Positivity” has never been a drawing factor in any legendary feud in the history of wrestling, as nothing positive exists within a feud, and feuds, sometimes, need gold to amplify their value. Now is one of those times.

New Day can always be New Day, occasionally giving a phenomenal match, but always being destroyers of monotony. The attack perpetrated by Gallows & Anderson projected them as being the ones wanting to own the prison yard, a yard currently containing Enzo & Cass as her warden. Should this feud be allowed to burn slowly, WWE has an all-time tag team feud on their hands.

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