Cesaro, Sheamus best-of-seven series deserves more credit

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There is a substantial portion of the WWE’s fanbase that often find themselves apathetic whenever Sheamus makes his way to the ring. Despite the many things that “The Celtic Warrior” does just right, certain decisions on the creative team’s behalf over the years have rendered him void of any potential to be welcomed by the fans with open arms as a member of the WWE roster.

It can be argued that any heat is good heat, but when fans are more often unresponsive to the sound of his music than they are willing to boo him, that’s when you know Sheamus’ chances of reclaiming the WWE’s Holy Grail are very slim. One huge pitfall to this is that the sheer inclusion of Sheamus’ name will cause the fanbase to show disinterest when something good comes their way.

Like him or not, Sheamus is still a pivotal performer on the WWE’s flagship roster, and although that doesn’t mean fans should blindly gravitate towards him regardless of how they truly feel, it does mean that they should think twice about the matches and moments being handed to them before brushing them to the side just because they involve a star they aren’t necessarily fond of.

The ongoing best-of-seven series between Sheamus and Cesaro is a prime example of this.

The best-of-seven series was reintroduced by Raw General Manager Mick Foley prior to SummerSlam, as a way of handling the animosity between the two upper mid-card stars in as controlled an environment as possible, to see who truly was the better man.

To make this weekly exchange even sweeter, the eventual winner will receive a championship opportunity in the future, which should be enough for anyone to become invested.

However, that hasn’t seemed to be the case, because upon the announcement that the series would be making its official return for the first time since 2005, fans were more frustrated by the fact that Cesaro would be “relegated” to weekly encounters with Sheamus instead of getting a push after his tremendous showing against Rusev for the U.S. Championship just a few weeks beforehand.

That sense of dread has carried through with each of Sheamus’ victories, which is a real shame considering the booking of the best-of-seven series has been spot on as the Irish star leads with three victories to Cesaro’s one, as of this writing.

They appear to be going down the classic route, with the heel picking up the first three victories, forcing the babyface to rally the fans behind him and use his wherewithal to capitalise on the energy of the WWE Universe and secure three consecutive wins to level the playing field.

If you look at the booking thus far, they’re lining up nicely for a 3-3 tie-breaker at Clash of Champions, considering Sheamus leads by two victories with only two episodes of Raw remaining.

The only questionable aspect thus far was giving Cesaro his first win at an untelevised live event. There’s nothing inherently wrong with continuing the series at a house show, since implies that anything can happen when WWE comes to town and encourages fans to buy a ticket.

But having Sheamus sit comfortably with only one match away from a clean sweep victory in the series was a perfect chance to plant the seed of hope for Cesaro to get back into this thing, and the worldwide audience were unable to see it for themselves.

Other than that, the next two weeks are going to be pivotal in rounding out Cesaro’s character before he hopefully earns a rivalry against Kevin Owens for the WWE Universal Championship.

We’ve spoken time and time again about Cesaro being ready for that top spot, but the only people left who need convincing are the decision-makers, and the level of support that Cesaro receives in the next two weeks might decide whether or not the WWE sees him as a marketable babyface.

Make no mistake either, this series isn’t just about sending Cesaro to the next level – after all, best-of-seven series’ are typically won by the heel, and Sheamus has looked spectacular in defeating Cesaro cleanly almost every step of the way, with the exception of maybe one thumb to the eye to aid him along. He even made Cesaro tap out to the Texas Cloverleaf, which is a very impressive feat.

Even though the Swiss sensation looks to be headed to Clash of Champions with an even scoreline, Sheamus has already proven himself as a worthwhile member of the Raw roster despite his recent obscurity, and regardless of whether he wins or loses at the end of it all, Sheamus will be justified in receiving at least an opportunity at the Universal Championship before too long.

As long as WWE keeps doing what it’s doing in relation to this series, then both men involved will be able to reap the benefits. If the rest of the fanbase could see the good that this concept has the potential to do, and learn to enjoy it for the compelling piece of competition that it is, then it could become one of the best things to happen to both of these men at this stage in their careers.

Cesaro, Sheamus best-of-seven series deserves more credit

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