Does Big Cass have what it takes to eventually break out on his own?

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Ever since their debut, Enzo and Big Cass have been lighting crowds ablaze across the globe, quickly making their mark as one of the most popular teams that this New Era in WWE has introduced. The type of chemistry that these two guys possess is very hard to come by, and could be what propels both of them into becoming two of the most well-known faces in this generation of the sport.

That being said, despite the immensely entertaining act these guys put on whenever they set foot in a WWE ring, the grapevine is already abuzz with talk of Big Cass’ future as a solo competitor.

Any fan with a relatively decent knowledge of Vince McMahon will know that WWE’s chairman is partial to the more visually impressive athletes on the payroll. Big Cass most certainly fits that description, towering over the majority of his opponents at 7-feet tall (and you can’t teach that). This alone would be reason enough to think that Big Cass has a bright future ahead of him.

The conversation about the man’s potential seems to be a regular occurrence at this point. As the popularity of Enzo and Cass grows each week, the discussion of which of them will end up going further as a singles star gets a lot more intriguing. This week’s Raw might be telling tale, however.

Despite all the praise Big Cass has been garnering on his own over the last few months, with Corey Graves boldly stating during the draft that the man had “future WWE Champion” written all over him, it was Enzo Amore who shined this week. As he came to the aid of Sasha Banks after a verbal onslaught by Chris Jericho and Charlotte, anyone would believe that Enzo has a future on his own.

Sure, Big Cass made the save after the match had finished, but everything up to that point had been carried just fine by Enzo Amore. We know how adept “Smacktalker Skywalker” is with a mic in hand, and he held his own in the match too, so if there was ever a time for Big Cass to be worried about becoming the Marty Jannetty of this team, it’s now.

That’s not to say that Big Cass isn’t a talented individual in his own right. But there’s no denying that he wasn’t nearly as over by himself after Enzo Amore took his spill at Extreme Rules, as Enzo was this week on Raw before his partner showed up.

The potential for Enzo and Cass as a team is far too precious to throw away so soon anyway, but it is concerning to think that pushing Big Cass as a solo performer when the two break up could be disastrous for his career. After all, the concept of Cass as champion holds a lot of similarities to that of Roman Reigns when The Shield disbanded.

Though Cass does have a natural charisma on his side, and a unique physique to boot, it’s Enzo Amore who gets the fans on their feet every night. The people love him; he can talk up a storm better than just about anybody else we’ve seen debut over the last decade.

Again, it’s not that the fans dislike Big Cass, but if you recall the days of The Shield, it was always Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose who had the majority of fan support. Reigns was great to have around at the time too, but the fans quickly rejected him when they broke up because the dirt sheets always talked about Roman Reigns as Vince McMahon’s golden child.

The same kind of attention for Big Cass, paired with Enzo Amore’s popularity, could force the WWE Universe to react much in the same way if Cass is the one to receive the limelight when the team inevitably breaks up. Nobody wants to see WWE create another Roman Reigns, especially when the company is trying to convince us that with this New Era comes change.

That’s not to say that Big Cass doesn’t deserve that push in a few years’ time, but it does mean WWE needs to work hard to get the fans behind him, whether it’s as a heel or a face. Being Vince McMahon’s next “guy” is not nearly enough of a reason to warrant giving somebody a championship-level promotion. The audience needs time to adapt to that person, as evidenced by the crowd’s indifference towards him compared to Enzo Amore.

If the team of Enzo and Cass breaks up, and Big Cass is in a WWE Championship match less than a year later, that’s not going to be nearly enough time for him to be built up as a singles star. A couple of mid-card title reigns might help the process of warming the crowd up to the possibility that Cass has a future atop the WWE mountain, and it might just give them the time to consider the benefits.

How much better would the prospect of Big Cass as champion sound if he was over with the fans?

Big Cass should have a few successful runs with the WWE Tag Team Championship under his belt before any of this becomes an issue, but Cass’ eventual singles push should definitely be kept on the backburner at WWE creative.

You can never be too prepared, even if it is going to be a couple of years before Big Cass enters the conversation to become the new face of the WWE.

The last thing WWE needs is to screw up another main-event babyface due to poor booking. For Big Cass’ sake, let’s just hope they’ve learned a few things from their mistakes.

Does Big Cass have what it takes to eventually break out on his own?

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